Unions and Associations

Millions of Americans look to a Labor Union or Association in order to seek protection and additional benefits that they do not get from their employers. From a stronger hand to bargain with the employers, to negotiating a better deal on insurance; Unions and Associations help the American worker achieve needed goals.

So why not offer their members a legal plan benefit that can help them on their everyday needs?

The Veritas Legal Plan is what you are looking for! With a variety of legal and non-legal benefits, your members will benefit and have one more reason to continue to pay their monthly dues!
We will build a plan that fits your members, here are some of the benefits we can include:

Credit Monitoring / $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
Tri Bureau Creditor Monitoring with score, updated monthly.
Prevent – Monitor – Alert – Resolve.
Consumer Protection / Creditor Monitoring
Credit reports and harassing collection calls are monitored by an attorney for potential FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, and TILA violations.
Involuntary Unemployment Insurance (IUI)
Pays $300 per month for 3 months due to unemployment.
Personal Tax Returns
1040 EZ, does not include schedules.
Credit Restoration
Exclusive pricing on credit restoration services.
Discounted Legal Services
The Plan provides a 20% discount on the most commonly used legal services. Wills, trusts, document review, traffic tickets, etc.
Federal Student Loan Recertification
Annual IDR Federal Student Loan Recertification
Financial Education
Provides financial stability to clients through seminars, webinars, interactive courses, financial tools, and live qualified financial coaching.

Call one of our Account Managers at 888-330-1120 and ask them about building a Legal Plan for your Members!
More than a Legal Plan, a Life Plan!