Debt Relief Companies

As a Debt Relief Company, you focus on two thingsā€¦. helping your clients get out of debt and running a profitable business.

Over the past 7 years Veritas Legal Plan has become the Debt Relief Industries most reputable and widely used legal service plan for consumers and businesses struggling with any kind of debt matter.

The top 2 reasons consumers drop out of a debt settlement plan stem from being overwhelmed by harassing collection calls and the emotional stress and embarrassment of being sued by a creditor. By offering the Veritas Legal Plan, your clients will have the coverage they need!

  • Increase enrollments

    Our Affiliates have shared that offering VLP helps increase the conversion rate as consumers feel a sense of security knowing that lawsuits and collection calls are covered.
  • Increase retention

    With lawsuits and collection calls becoming a non-issue in the mind of the client, you will experience less clients dropping out of the program.
  • Increase revenue

    By experiencing better settlements on legal accounts and achieving more settlements due to increased retention, your revenues should reach an all-time high.

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More than a Legal Plan, a Life Plan!