Participating Attorneys have extensive experience in their field and are selected based on their qualifications and capabilities. (View our Attorney Selection Criteria.)

Additionally, network attorneys agree to our Attorney Code of Excellence before joining.

Participating law firms are screened and evaluated by our staff prior to acceptance. Veritas re-credentials these firms on an ongoing basis to ensure that members have access to the best attorneys possible at all times.

Through careful selection, prepping, training, communication, supervision and client feedback we are able to ensure quality in the attorney network.

Veritas Legal Plan Code Of Excellence

Attorney’s joining our attorney network agree to the following Code of Excellence:

  • To treat each plan member with courtesy, dignity and respect;
  • To provide each plan member with professional and honest legal representation;
  • To update each plan member of new developments in his or her case in a timely manner;
  • To use common sense and professional judgment on behalf of each plan member and work closely with that member;
  • To exhibit the highest degree of ethical conduct in accordance with the applicable Code of Professional Responsibility or Model Rules of Professional Conduct;
  • To cooperate with Veritas Legal Plans in resolving any members inquires and return any telephone call from a Veritas plan member or Veritas Legal Plans’ Headquarters within one business day of receiving the call;
  • To cooperate with Veritas Legal Plans in resolving any plan member inquiry within one business day of the inquiry;

Attorney Selection Criteria

Veritas Legal Plan maintains a rigorous set of attorney selection criteria. This ensures that the attorneys who join our network have the experience, expertise, professionalism and courtesy required to serve our plan members.