About Us…

When founder, Angelo Anzalone was forced to shut down a business after enduring 4 hurricanes in one year, he was faced with several creditor lawsuits and realized it was money, not rights, that gains access to our legal system.

After depleting his life savings defending himself against creditor lawsuits, Anzalone was determined to make legal protection accessible to everyone, everywhere, no matter how big or small the debt, so that no one would ever be faced with the financial burden of hiring an attorney while simultaneously having the funds to settle the debt. And that’s exactly what he did.

Veritas Legal Plan was originally established to provide unlimited legal protection to consumers and business owners struggling with unsecured and/or business debt for a low monthly fee but has since evolved into a complete legal plan offering a comprehensive list of legal services that include credit monitoring services with identity theft insurance.

Veritas Legal Plan is the only provider of Prepaid Legal Services that specializes in helping consumers and business owners struggling with any kind of debt matter. Veritas works with many of the nation’s top no advance fee credit repair, debt settlement, debt management, IRS resolution, student loan and payday loan settlement companies by providing the legal coverage needed to best service their clients.

Veritas Legal Plan has over 5 years’ experience in Prepaid Legal Services Plans and is committed to providing excellent care to our plan members, sponsors and network attorneys.

The services will be provided through a panel of carefully selected Participating Law Firms. Lawyers in this network are called Plan Attorneys. Participating law firms are screened and evaluated by our staff prior to acceptance. Veritas re-credentials these firms on an ongoing basis to ensure that members have access to the best attorneys possible at all times.

Through careful selection, prepping, communication, supervision and client feedback we are able to ensure quality in the attorney network.

Customized, affordable legal services make Debt Relief Services more attractive to current and prospective clients. Our primary goal is to give consumers and business owners struggling with debt the legal help they need at an affordable monthly rate.