The Veritas Legal Plan is committed to providing the highest level of service for our members.

The Veritas Legal Plan is a great product to sell because anyone who has defaulted on their unsecured debts is at risk of being sued. It’s a simple way to offer access to an important product to your clients as well as to generate additional revenue.

Interested in partnering with the nation’s only legal plan designed specifically for the Debt Relief industry? For more information about our strategic partnerships, please contact us at 877-745-5006 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Would Provide Customer Service For Members Enrolled?

Veritas Legal Plan will handle all customer service and administrative functions. New members will receive a welcome call outlining the benefits, terms and conditions of the legal plan to ensure they are clear on how to process claims and identify potential consumer protection law violations. Referral Companies will be assigned an account manager as a point of contact for all communication.

Is Member In Contact With The Attorney Directly?

Yes. A member’s questions relating to their Legal Plan will be directed to Veritas Legal Plan first. All legal documents must be directed to Veritas Legal Plan immediately. Upon receipt of a member’s summons, the member will then be assigned an attorney to represent them and further instructions.

How Long Does Work Last On A Legal Issue?

Until the case is resolved – there are NO time limits. Your Veritas account manager will be the liaison between the Member, Attorney and Debt Relief Provider. Members are encouraged to maintain contact and open communication with their assigned attorney for regular updates.

If A Client Gets A Garnishment After The Probation Period, But Never Received Service Of The Lawsuit, Would That Disqualify Them?

No, if a default judgment has been granted on improper service, the benefit will be provided.

Attorney Network FAQ’s

Below are a few of the more frequently asked questions about our participating attorneys. If you have additional questions, please call our Client Service Center at 877-745-5006 or

What credentials are required for joining your attorney network?

We select attorneys with experience defending creditor lawsuits and debt related matters who agree to our Attorney selection criteria. Attorneys in our network have a minimum of 7 experience practicing law, have graduated from an accredited law school, and maintain valid state license.

Whom do I call if I have a problem with the legal plan or attorneys?

Call our Customer Service Department at 877-745-5006 (9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST, Mon – Fri.) with any questions related to your legal plan or

Can plan members use their own attorneys?

Yes, plan members can use their own attorneys as long as the member’s attorney agrees to the Veritas Legal Plan fee reimbursement schedule. The member would be responsible for any additional fees in excess of the payable amount.

Are plan attorneys restricted in the amount of time they spend with participants?

No. Attorneys in our network agree to take as much time as needed to defend our member’s lawsuits. There are no limits on the amount of hours or restrictions on covered services.