The Veritas Legal Plan Blog

Welcome to our little corner on the world wide web! Veritas Legal Plan is a leader in the legal plan industry. Our start came from a turbulent period on the life our founder Angelo Anzalone (Read the Veritas Legal Plan Story here) where he saw the need of giving affordable legal protection to those in financial trouble.

As a leader in the Legal Plan Industry focused on the Debt Relief Industry, Veritas have helped thousands of people fighting lawsuits when trying to resolve their debt issues. Our growth took us to other industries where we hope to have the same impact!

Today, no matter your reason, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered if you ever have a legal issue. With all that, we maintain Angelo’s idea to provide everyone with affordable legal coverage.

Please follow our blog as we plan to provide posts that will cover a wide variety of topics from legal, financial, and family needs to, sometimes, maybe, some cute cat videos!