It's amazing how small business owners figure out how to stretch a dollar as far as they possibly can. -Marc Veasey, US Representative Texas 33rd District

Small Business Plan


A small business owner worries about their business 24 hours a day. That business is not only their pride and joy, but it is also their livelihood. Statistics show that around 45% of small businesses find themselves involved in at least 1 litigation a year. The Small Business Administration states that “The impact of litigation on businesses goes well beyond the purely financial impact of legal fees and damages. Most small business owners are invested personally in their businesses; litigation causes not just financial loss, but also substantial emotional hardship, and often changes the tone of the business.”

You started the business in order to do something you loved, you want to do good for your customers and your community, are you going to let your legal issues get in the way of a good customer experience?

That is why Veritas Legal Plan came up with the Small Business Plan. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that when something happens you, you have a friend to help you navigate through your legal process.

Here are the benefits of the Small Business Legal Plan:

  • Advice and Consultation – Consultation with a Participating Attorney on any personal legal problem, civil or criminal, except those specifically excluded.
  • Document Preparation – Have an attorney prepare the documents you need for your business to run without any legal surprises.
  • Simple Will/Living Will – Don’t let other people dictate what you want. Get a will prepared and protect your wishes.
  • Defense of Civil Lawsuit – We will represent you if you are named a defendant in a civil lawsuit all the way through trial if need be.
  • Financial Matters – From debt collection to financial education and counseling, we’ve got the coverage you need so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Credit Monitoring /$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance – Reap the benefits of financial stability through webinars, interactive courses, financial tools, and live, qualified financial coaching.

Call one of our Account Managers at 877-745-5006 and ask them about the different benefits that it offers.
More than a Legal Plan, a Life Plan!